Basic Orientation Training


Basic safety orientation training

Hazard communication

Chemical Hazards

Material safety Data sheets

Respiratory Hazards

Respiratory Protection

Respiratory Protection Factors (PF)


Respiratory program elements

Personal protective equipments

Head Protection

Eye and face protection

Hand and foot protectin

Chemical protective clothing

Protective clothing Materials

Levels of protection

Hearing conservation

Noise levels

Noise Exposure

Hearing protectors

Audio metric Testing

Fall protection

Personal fall arrest system

Fall clearance


Portable ladders

Aerial lifts

Lockout / Tag out



Performing lockout/ Tagout

Applying lockout/ Tagout

Removing lockout/ Tagout

Confined (Permit) space Entry

Atmospheric Hazards

Other Hazards

Confined space permits

Entrance, Attendants and supervisors

Confined space Ventilation

Special Equipment - Confined Space Entry

Elements of fire

Fire properties & Chemistry

Fire Terms

Classes of fires

Classes of fires

Fire extinguisher Materials

Fire extinguisher Features

Fire extinguisher Use

Basis First aid

Basis First aid

Blood borne Pathogens

Temperature stress - cold

Temperature stress -Heat

Good safety practices

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