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Principle of Accident Prevention

Principle of Accident Prevention


Why safety



Accident Prevention - Fundamental Facts

Accident Causes

Chain of events

Domino Theory

Domino Theory

An Updated Sequence

Heinrich Theory

Managing safety (or) Managing accidents

Principle of safety Management

Principle of safety Management

Principle of safety Management

Principle of safety Management

Principle of safety Management

Principle of safety Management

Accident Prevention

Risk Management

Risk Identification

Accident cost

Accident cost

Accident cost calculation

Safety performance Measurement


Injury & illness Records - International Practice

Work related injury & illness

Recordable causes

Medical Treatment cases

Restricted work Day cases

First aid cases




Analysis of Accidents

Classification of Accidents

Analysis of fatalities 00-04 (cause wise)

Fatalities - Trade wise

Fatalities - Age wise

Fatalities - Time wise

Fatalities - Analysis by month of occurence

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nAn event which is,
  Unplanned & Unexpected
  which may or may not have resulted in damage to property or injury to person.

nA state of dangerlessness.

nA thing is provisionally categorised as safe, if its risks are deemed known and in the light of that knowledge, it is judged to be acceptable.

Accident Prevention - Fundamental Facts
nThe accident causes and injury causes are different.
nThere are more than one causes for an accident.

Accident Causes
nUnsafe Act
¨operating without authority
¨operating at unsafe speed
¨making safety devices inoperative
¨using unsafe equipment

nUnsafe Condition
¨improper guarding
¨defective tool
¨slippery floor
¨improper housekeeping



An updated sequence.


Managing Safety

Principles of Safety Management


nAn unsafe act, an unsafe condition, an accident; all these are symptoms of something wrong in the management system.


nCertain sets of circumstances can be predicted to produce severe injuries.  These circumstances can be identified and controlled:


nSafety should be managed like any other company function.
nManagement should direct the safety effort by setting achievable goals, by planning, organising and controlling to achieve them.

nThe key to effective line safety performance is management procedures that fix accountability.


nThe function of safety is to locate and define the operational errors that allow accidents to occur.  This function can be carried out in two ways:







nEvery accident costs something to
¨The injured person
¨The family of the injured person
¨The factory/ site where he works
¨The nation & above all the manager


Accident Cost Calculation

Safety Performance Measurement


Reportable Lost Time Injury:
  An injury causing death or disablement of the injured person for 48 hours or more excluding the day of the shift on which the accident occurred.

Dangerous Occurrence  
An unplanned event, whether or not it is attended by personal injury or disablement, which results in
nBursting of a plant.
nCollapse or failure of a crane,
nExplosion or fire or bursting out, etc

Injury & Illness Records - International Practice

Work Related Injury & Illness

  An injury or illness is considered work-related :
   if an event or exposure in the work environment caused or contributed to the condition or significantly aggravated a pre-existing condition.

Recordable Cases

This includes,
nloss of consciousness,
ndays away from work,
nrestricted work activity or job transfer,
nmedical treatment beyond first aid.

Medical Treatment Case

  Medical treatment includes managing and caring for a patient for the purpose of combating a disease or disorder which is beyond First Aid Treatment.

Restricted Work Day Cases

  Restricted work activity occurs when,
  as the result of a work-related injury or illness, an employer or health care professional keeps, or recommends keeping, an employee from doing the routine functions of his job or from working the full workday that the employee would have been scheduled to work before the injury or illness occurred.

First Aid Cases

  Incidents requiring only the following types of treatment are considered as FIRST AID CASES. It includes
nadministering tetanus immunisations;
ncleaning, flushing, or soaking wounds on the skin surface;
nusing wound coverings, such as bandages,
nBandAids™, gauze pads, etc., or using SteriStrips™ or butterfly bandages.
n……….. (set of defined conditions)


Partial Disablement:
  This is of two types
¨disablement of a temporary nature which reduces the earning capacity in any employment in which he was engaged.
¨disablement of a permanent nature, which reduces his earning capacity every employment which he was capable of undertaking at the time of employment.
  Percentage loss of earning capacity differs by the body part injured and given in IS.


Total Disablement:
¨disablement whether of a temporary or permanent nature, which incapacitates a workman for all work which he was able to perform at the time of the accident.
¨Percentage of the loss of earning capacity as specified in the part against these injuries is 100%

Classification of Accidents

nunsafe mechanical or physical condition,
nunsafe act,
nunsafe personal factor,
ntype of accident,
nnature of injury,
nlocation of injury.

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