Environment Day Quiz with answer

                       Environment Day Quiz Competition

All questions carry equal marks.
Answer Sheet

1)   World Environment Day ” is celebrated on
a)      1st January
b)      14th February
c)      5th June
d)       1st December

2)      The Forest (Coservation) Act,________ of Government Of India, restricts Deservation of forest or use of any forestland coming under the preview of forest act non- forest purpose.
a.       1980                                    b. 1981                           c. 1982
d. None of the above

3)     What are the Environmental Aspects and Mitigation Measures :-
a)      Inspection,Monitoring and Reporting     
b)       Interpret baseline environment in and around the project site,by monitering and data collection
c)       Measures /estimate sources of environmental issues.
d)       List the impacts which cannot be avoided and need mitigation.
e)       Environmental  Management Plan.
f)        All of the above.    
  4) SPM  stands  for :-
a)                  Suspended Particulate Matter.
b)                  Silent Particular Matters.
c)                  Silent Particular Material
d)                   None of the above

5)    Air Pollutant emissions are regulated under Rule ____of central motor vehicle rules ________.
a)      115 , 2000
b)      109 , 2001
c)      17 , 1999
d)     18 , 2001

6)    Dust Generation due to:-
a)      Wind and Vehicular movement.
b)      Operation of the stone crushers
c)      Drilling and blasting operation.
d)     Borrowing of Earth.
e)      All of the above.

   7)    Gaseous emission generated from:-

a)      Vehicle, Plants and machineries operation                
b)       Bitumen / asphalt operations.
c)       Fuel wood burning for coking at the labour camps and other applications.
d)       Paint application , fuel storage  areas  as volatile Organic compounds.
e)       All of the above.

8)    What is the Concentration of Volume(%) of Carbon Dioxide in Air Composition?
a.                   0.0318
b.                   0.318
c.                    3.18
d.                   31.8
e.                   None of the above.

09)     NAAQS  Stands for :- NATIONAL  _________  AIR  QUALITY  STANDRADS.
1)      AMBIENT
3)      ATOMIC
4)      None of the above

10) Which one of the following is a “class A” Fire
      a) Solid Fuel Based Fire  b) Liquid Fuel based fire        c) Gas fuel based fire  e) None of these

11)  Which method creates Land Pollution by the sources of  Sewage Sludge.
a)      Improper Sanitatation system causes sludge to leak at sourrounding soil.
b)      Non biodegradable rubbles or debris which are not cleaned settled in the soil undergo chemical reaction and increase soil toxicity.
c)      None of the above
d)     All of the above.

12) You run the risk of hearing loss if you are exposed to an average of more than ______ dB over an            
            8-hrs work day
             a) 70               b) 80                c) 90                d) 100              e) None

13) TTS  is  known  as
a)      Transient Hearing  Loss
b)      Parmanent  Hearing  Loss
c)      Use of  Ear plugs and Ear muffs.
d)     None of the above.

14) Welders Flash is caused by
a)      Gamma Radiation
b)      Alfa Radiation
c)      UV Radiation
d)     All of the above

15) The effect of CFC on the environment can lead to permanent damage endangering the biological system of the earth. This effect is called
a)      Green House Effect     
b)      b) Red House Effect   
c)      c) Parkinson’s Effect 
d)     d) None of the above.

16) Route of  Entry of the TOXICS  in the Human body.
a)      By Inhalation
b)      By Injection
c)      By Absorption
d)     All the above

17)What is the Safe Limit of Oxygen at a location where works to be carried out?
a)      18    to 22
b)       18.5 to 22.5
c)       19    to 23
d)       19.5  to  23.5

18) Maximum ________ Volt supply is recommended while working in a confined space:

a) 24 volt                        b) 20 volt                     c) 220 volt                   d) 440 volt

19) Which Personal Monitoring instrument is being used in Radiological Monitoring
a)      Dosi Meter
b)      Ionising Chamber, G-3
c)      Geiger Muller Survey meter
d)     All of the above.

20)   What is Half life
a)      It is the decay of activity
b)      The life of Alfa ,Beta,Nature
c)      Penetration of electro – magnet radiation identical to Gamma rays
d)     Time required for Radio Active to loose 50% of its activity by decay.

21)Human beings can hear sounds ranging from ________  to _________
a)      20 Hz     to  2000  Hz
b)      20 KHz  to  2000 KHz
c)      20 Hz     to  20,000  Hz
d)     20 KHz  to  20,000  KHz

22) 1 micron =
a)      1/100 cm
b)      1/1000 cm
c)      1/10,000 cm
d)     None of the above

23)  What is the type of  Skin / body  protection against Ionising radiation.
        a)Leather Apron
        b)Asbestos Apron
        c)Lead Apron
        d)Asbestos hood with Vision

24) The slope of the PCC floor shall be _______ to enable easy flow of Spillage oil in to the collecting    

               a) 1:70                      b)1:80              c) 1:90             d)None of the above

25) What is the colour Code of  waste bin  for the waste like Recyclable including Scraps

        a) Red                 b) Yellow                    c)Blue                         d) Green

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